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Shanghai Rolex Masters Cup tournament – live coverage!

[14 October 2015] love table family reports Shanghai Rolex replica invitation should love the table on October 14 to watch the thrilling Shanghai Rolex replica watches Masters Cup tennis tournament, although Peoples idol Roger Federer in the first round were eliminated, but I believe the next game will still be very exciting.
[Shanghai Masters Cup appearance on Court One]
[External clock Rolex Court One very striking]
Simple lunch [media]
[Stadium panorama]
[Eye-catching title sponsor Rolex LOGO]
[Rolex] air rooms
[Nightfall, Federer upcoming appearances]
[Break between games when the children’s tennis dance]
[King] Appearances
[Roger Federer was eliminated in the first round is still very gentleman to pay tribute to the audience]
[Whipped up and down air seats]
The next day the media and his party arrived at the Bund Roosevelt Rolex replica store, where Rolex replica watches for men and two tennis legend Mr. Bravo and Mr. Luo De close conducted a pleasant exchange. Rolex and world tennis legend Roger Federer talked about the dialogue by playing tennis is very elegant, like a modern version of the old-fashioned tennis, this not like Rolex watches style? Rolex for the past 15 years has been to support the development of tennis in China, but also a very long-term vision, and trained a lot of small players, Rolex has been the tennis talent treasure to future champion in the famous Chinese tennis player Li Na is In the long-term support at the Rolex eventually boarded the peak of world tennis.
Rolex for the largest contribution to the young tennis players is that you can make small athletes through their help or have potential athletes have the opportunity to choose a better coach and eventually hit through the layers of selection of world-class competition. This can also affect more people to participate in the replica watches uk movement. For example, Mr. Laver in childhood by chance is through contact with tennis, and eventually become a world champion. When the host asked: When will China’s tennis Federer, China occur when a small German. Rhodes said: The most important thing is to grasp the select talent at the grassroots level, and some small gift is very good athletes, but they also need good coaching system, such as in Australia, a lot of phone number, only one number can be the world’s town champion, it is because Australia attaches great importance to the selection of young athletes. Another point is that Asians childhood education is too conservative, the West like some. But in the sports world which need hard work and sacrifice, but also there is a huge risk. It’s all parents need to carefully consider if you choose the sport means that you need to give up a lot of things. Both agree that tennis legend Rolex replica watches uk always has its unique approach and views to face the problem, which is the Rolex has been the reason for the watch industry is in top position.


rolex Rolex watches very free and easy charm and personality

Rolex replica watches reason loved by the public, is due to the design of the watch soft spot for gold and 904L steel, making these two materials constructed Rolex shape, body and soul. Rolex watches ‘solemn, practical and not flashy’ design style, not only in the initial mark, but also show the watchmaker itself embodied ‘regal’.
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On the subject of the watch, people flashed mind as the first brand is Rolex (ROLEX). Rolex replica watches, “solemn, practical and not flashy” design style, not only in the original logo – a five fingers outstretched hand, meaning its refined products entirely by hand, but also show the watchmaker itself embodied ” regal “- people are now known crown logo.
Rolex Milgauss first appeared in the 1950s, is designed for engineers and technicians working in the field of environment and set the watch, its name derived from the French word “Mille (one thousand)”, that can withstand 1000 gauss (gauss) The magnetic strength. Today, this watch at Baselworld 2014 Colorful blossoms again, the new Milgauss not only equipped with 2007’s first green crystal mirror, but combined with the electro-optical blue surface, showing a charming tone.
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Since its launch, Rolex replica uk Milgauss has to hold onto the status of advanced watch. Typically, the magnetic force can interfere with the normal operation of the mechanical watch, but this watch has to withstand 1000 Gauss magnetic intensity, maintain an official precise performance. It not only won the support of the Geneva European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists, representatives masterpiece also known as the scientific and technological progress. And it all comes from two innovative protection technology: The first layer is the 1954 Rolex patented anti-magnetic shell, the shielded housing made of a ferromagnetic alloy, mounted in the Oyster case, the movement can be wrapped up, to provide efficient protection; the second layer is from the 2000s set out to develop balanced by Rolex swing components and escapement, the two main components are made of paramagnetic material movement, also has very good protection effect.
Rolex Day-Date II replica watches of 18ct gold case, and is now supported by the new champagne dial, dial set with 8 baguette diamonds, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions are set with two rubies rectangle. Also equipped with 80 square diamond inlaid shiny outer ring. Flashing bright polished gems and gold reflect each other, for this great joy and personal charm watch gift exquisite manners.
Rolex Datejust Watches Women 31 also uses 18ct gold, the new outer ring studded with 48 flashing diamonds, and a new champagne dial is set with eight diamonds, at 6:00 and 9:00 hour mark with two digits 18ct gold manufacturing, each set with 16 rubies.

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China Rolex Replica – China Rolex Replica Watches For Men,

First, what it said electric China Rolex Replica, electronic watches? Broadly speaking, any machine with button batteries as the energy of the watch list are called electric watches.
Narrowly speaking, electric watches are mechanical watches specifically refers to the process of development of electronic watches a transitional type of watch, put it in a similar shaft mosaic of semi-circular disc nail artificial stones, so that the pendulum swing axis swinging round brush plays a role, the existence of such a watch is not long, not more than the number of production.
In the future course of development, the application of electronics in electric watches without devices, such as diodes, integrated circuits and the like is called electronic watch, the only part of the electricity of course watch electronic watches.
So far, the world watches the production of mechanical watches and electronic form only two categories.
The electronic watches from the mid-1960s, although this China Rolex Replica Watches For Men, century study successfully developed a new type of watch, but because of advances in science and technology, especially the rapid development of electronic technology and new materials industries, electronic watches in a short historical period has witnessed a upgrading several rapid progress that has undergone several updates from nature.
As has been widely recognized by the international community as the watch: the balance spring electronic watch – mechanical watches with high frequency accuracy and battery as the energy output of the working process of a very stable combination of both electronic watches; electronic tuning fork watch – stable oscillation frequency of the use of electronic tuning fork watch; Analog quartz electronic watches – Applications quartz piezoelectric effect and pointer display combines electronic watches; digital quartz electronic watches – Applications quartz piezoelectric effect and diodes or LCD combines electronic watches; microwave electronic watches – using satellite broadcast signal error-free and ultra-miniature microwave receiver combination of electronic watches.
Currently, the international student off monopolized almost all electronic watches quartz digital watches.
Specific figures are the most convincing evidence, from the production of varieties and production in the world watches you can clearly see it.
Watch the world’s total output in 1975 was 224 million, of China Rolex Replica Watches which quartz electronic watch production was 7.17 million, accounting for only 3.2%.
After 16 years of development, to 1991, the world watches the output reached 828 million, of which Analog quartz watch production was 472 million, accounting for 57% of the digital quartz watch production was 232 million, the two together, quartz watch accounted for 85 percent of the world watch the annual output; mechanical watch production was 124 million, accounting for only 15%.
Thus this short 16 years of quartz electronic watches developed from an annual 7.17 million to hundreds of millions of only 7.04, an increase of 98 times.
In 1991 world production of all electronic watches quartz watch, quartz watch and pointer has an annual output of 2 times digital quartz watches.
Although in 1991 to now watch the world changed a lot, but still a monopoly of quartz electronic watches electronic watches, quartz watches 486.html outside the industry even became electronic form in lieu of that.

Watch how long should be cleaned once, which should be determined according to the following aspects: (1) the extent of the sealing of the watch.
If the seal is good, can be a bit longer interval; (2) The quality of oil is good or bad.
If the table is not volatile oil, is not lost, not bad, can be cleaned once a few years; (3) according to the conditions of use.
If the environment is clean, not often open the back cover can also be used a little longer time to clean.
Watch because of the seal is not good, easy Diaspora table except oil,Rolex Replica Watches For Men volatile and dry outside, watch the oil is dirty, bad, negative force will cause the bearing friction increases, the loss of flexibility in gear, reducing transmission efficiency, along with the swing happen to go change will have serious watch lockout.
Watch Table oil addition to their differences in quality, its various parts of the lubrication fuel and lubrication are not the same, the change of the oils are different.
Points on the table fork tile oil, due to the escapement wheel punch, lock collision between tile surface and fork, table oil flows easily be scraped or other non-work surface, soon attracted the diaspora, loss or dry This is the watch lubricated deterioration of the most powerful parts of the state, usually a year or so there will be no oil state.
Table oil wheel drive bearing portion of each department at the Rolex Replica Watches general lubrication state can be maintained for two years or so, basically dried up three years later, there are only a few traces of oil or oil film.
Put oil drilling table, due to the oil shock protection device has a role, mostly in one or two years, still maintain good lubrication; about three years, most only a thin film; basically in a dry state after four years.
If care is uneven or oil drilling gap is inappropriate, it will Diaspora in the side after oil.
Center wheel and wheel over the journal, due to the larger load bearing oil film between the journal and the diamond is often easy to squeeze, dry friction phenomenon occurs locally, the journal wear was worn plating or metal oxide-based experience rust, so watch oil deterioration, appear brown or reddish brown phenomenon, increasing friction, thereby increasing wear.
General decline in the table at the swing after three or four years and take a more significant change.
The classics, if a new table, sealing degree and work environment are good, cleaning time may be extended, but not to exceed a maximum of five years for the degree of general seal watch every two or three years should be cleaned regularly refuel once, in order to maintain oiling parts to maintain good lubrication.

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