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Rolex spokesperson JORDAN SPIETH

August 17, 2015, Geneva – Rolex spokesperson Jordan • Sipi Si (Jordan Spieth) Sunday in second place finish at the last Grand Slam of the season. At the same time, he also became the world’s top-ranked golfer.
Rolex spokesperson Jordan • Sipi Si (JORDAN SPIETH) crowned the first World Golf Ranking
The 22-year-old player completed a fantastic season. His victory in this year’s first two Grand Slam, becoming the first six players to get this achievement.
Rolex Communications and Image Director Arnold • Boaters (Arnaud Boetsch) said: “Rolex congratulate Jordan • Si Pisi won the world first, this is his young career, a remarkable achievement 斯皮思 show in the game. the spirit of courage and dedication reflects the champion’s style, and his presence exhibit integrity and integrity have made him a role model, inspiration and influence to bring global golfer. “
斯皮思 showing superb skills in the game as well as extraordinary calm, so that he can successively crowned this year’s US Masters (Masters) and US Open (US Open Championship) held at Chambers Bay. The Rolex is the international partners in April this year, the US Masters. At the US Open, held in June, Rolex also served as the official timer.
Held in July in the British Open (The Open Championship), the same as a sponsor Rolex, 斯皮思 in the final, due to missed one shot to win this year’s third Grand Slam title opportunity. But this season, ending with honors Sipi Si still, after another Rolex spokesperson Jenson Dey (Jason Day) record –20 points, runner-up.
On the road leading to the brilliant, Sipi Si childhood learn how to win in the race, he enjoyed success in the early amateur career. The Texas teenager during 2009 and 2011, has won the US Junior Amateur Championship, becoming the first person • After Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods) Following the event several times to get the championship, and American teenagers Golf Association named the 2009 Rolex annual youth players (Rolex Junior Player of the Year). Sipi Si turned pro at the age of 19, becoming the Presidents Cup (The Presidents Cup) tournament’s youngest player, so far he has won five PGA Tour, including two Grand Slams.
Since its establishment in 1986 World Golf Ranking, has a number of Rolex spokesperson topped the world, now 斯皮思 also joined the list. List members have a remarkable achievement and high integrity, they are: • Bernard Langer (Bernhard Langer), Fred • Couples (Fred Couples), • Luke Donald (Luke Donald), Tiger • Woods (Tiger Woods), • Adam Scott (Adam Scott) and Martin • Kemer (Martin Kaymer).

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Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour

The oldest and largest European offshore race – the Rolex Fastnet Race (Rolex Fastnet Race) is a legend of world ocean race. In 1925 for the first time held since the beginning of the 1930s, held every two years, the tournament is one of the first true test of offshore sailing. It is in the development and evolution of the history of the sport, he played a crucial role, but this year it will celebrate its 90th anniversary. Rolex and the organizers – the Royal Yacht Race will (RORC) maintain a partnership more than 20 years, in 2001, Rolex became the tournament’s first-ever title sponsor. Rolex Fastnet Race and the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race) with Swiss watch brand – Rolex cornerstone involved in sailing. 46th Rolex Fastnet Race will be held in August 2015 16-21 May, there will be composed of more than 350 sailing very scared absolutely Gongfengqisheng international fleet.
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
Exciting Challenge
Rolex Fastnet Race is a difficult but fascinating adventure. When August, the Nordic’s Atlantic coast, especially in the British Isles, often face fierce westerly winds, the race will be at least one stage of bad weather counterparts. Event history can make realistic witness to these challenges, the 1979 tournament, a fierce storm claimed the lives of 15 crew members. The Royal Yacht Race will take practical action to promote the design and sailing significantly improved safety equipment, as well as more rigorous review of qualifications of participants.
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
The event’s popularity is reflected in the diversification Boats and players. Top multihull and professional manned maxi monohull class, with the adventurous amateur (Corinthians) was driving a small boat together title race, it was a completely democratic contest for most Boats The scoring system means that any size of vessel are likely to win the championship. Impeccable decision, determination and go all out, which was the title sponsor Rolex recognized core values, but also the crew to control the tidal change and expected weather conditions and basic requirements of the time limit. The reputation of this event has gone beyond the traditional boundaries Regatta Participants include political figures [such as former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath • (Sir Edward Heath)], business tycoons, media mogul, Olympian and well-known figures from pop culture of ʱ??
Renowned voyage
Rolex Fastnet Race 603 sea miles voyage, namely the historic and exciting, is every sailing enthusiast weight unforgettable voyage. Regatta to the Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight) Cowes Harbour (Cowes) Royal boat fleet (Royal Yacht Squadron) point to sail, via the English Channel (English Channel) famous landmarks, including the needle Gap (The Needles), Portland cape (Portland Bill), “starting point” (Start Point), Lizard Lighthouse (The Lizard) and the angle of the land (Land’s End), then across the Celtic Sea (Isle of Wight) open waterway, as well as symbolic Meaning corner – the southern coast of Ireland Fastnet rock (Isle of Wight), the symbol of the race’s halfway point turn, the fleet embarked on since the beginning of the long return segment, target terminal – Plymouth (Plymouth ʱ??
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
Rolex Fastnet Race is a truly global game, the rowing crew, usually from five continents. Rolex sponsored the 7th tournament, produced a five different nationalities monohull champion crossed the line (line honours), the name of four countries were awarded the championship engraved Rolex Fastnet Challenge Cup ( Rolex Fastnet Challenge Trophy) on which it is appropriate to include the iconic turning mouth – the country where the Fastnet rock of Ireland, as well as the largest foreign participant in the French squad. Back in tournament history, from Australia (Ragamuffin No. 1971), Brazil (Saga number, 1973) and includes a double number Dorade (1931 & 33 years), including 11 US ships participating are ever win a championship.
Offshore Dominance
The Royal Yacht Race Regatta will be history and has a close relationship intricate. After 1925, the end of the first Fastnet Race, the Royal Yacht Race will be immediately set up to encourage long-distance sailing, and both speed and seaworthiness sailboat design, construction and sailing. Rolex Fastnet Race for the task to complete strikes, and has become a benchmark event on the calendar of sports competition. The club has long been a pioneer, not only to host and promote offshore sailing events, and the development of standards of excellence, especially in terms of security.
Since the 1990s, launched a partnership since Rolex has always firmly supported the Royal Yacht Race will be ideal to promote offshore sailing race. The Royal Yacht Race yachts will contribute movement, it has crossed the boundaries of sports and was widely respected, and honored to be able to maintain a Rolex unique relationship with one of the true leaders in the sports sector.
Club Yacht Race will start in (Ocean Racing Club) orders of the birth of King George V (King George V) of the active sailing family, in 1931 approved a “royal” name of the application. After London’s main building was destroyed in World War II, the Royal Yacht Race will be in 1942 the club moved its main 入伦敦圣詹姆斯 Square (St James’s Place).
He joined the Royal Yacht Race will not simply apply to, in order to qualify, a promising candidate must complete more than 500 sea miles offshore regatta, and must spend at least two nights at sea in the race. This is non-discriminatory criteria. Complete Rolex Fastnet Race will receive automatic right to apply.
In 2014, the Royal Yacht Race through the merger with the Royal Yacht Club Amateur (Royal Corinthian Yacht Club), and further consolidate its position in the sports world. With the move, it is not only expanding its membership, but at the beginning of his famous Regatta Cowes city to establish a permanent clubhouse, but also to extend its sphere of influence. Has 90 years of glorious history, about 4000 members from 54 different countries, and activities throughout the world, the Royal Yacht Race will be called truly international sailing club.
Boat fleet starting line
2015 regatta is scheduled to take place on Sunday August 16, the first time issued a warning signal 11:50 British Summer Time. According to tradition, the royal boat fleet (Royal Yacht Squadron) will be the starting gun sounded, it is one of the most respected international yacht club, in 2015 for two hundred anniversary.
In 1815, the Royal Fleet boats boat club (The Yacht Club) in the name of the birth, in 1833, another age-old sailing pioneer – King William IV (King William IV) will be renamed the Royal boat fleet. Inception, the club resolutely uphold the low-key, 42 initial members agreed to meet twice a year in London and Cowes Regatta to dinner in the form of discussions, members of the qualification must be “owned ship of not less than 10 tons of the ship.” ʱ?? It is infection by this spirit of those early leading figures of this new club even if no permanent birth clubs, still quickly became the focus of sailing enthusiasts.
Well-known boat fleet is now one of the world’s most prominent club, it has pure regatta origin, its noble identity built on its unique position, traditions, activity and influence. Club name in 1820 was given the royal title, its relationship with the British royal family has maintained, Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II) is the current president of the club, Prince Felipe (Prince Philip) was yacht fleet commander.
Because deep ties with the British Navy, it is the only yacht suspension allowed to let the members of the British Royal Navy special White Ensign (White Ensign) yacht clubs, including the Royal Yacht Race will be including other Royal Yacht Club is hanging blue Union Jack (Blue Ensign).
The club’s first regatta in 1826 to Cowes Regatta (Cowes Regatta) held in the name, which later gave birth to Cowes Regatta Week (Cowes Week). Clubhouse located in the present site of the club Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight (Cowes Castle), is a famous landmark, and the boat fleet starting line is an imaginary line extending from the castle to the north, crosses the Solent (Solent) Strait toward Britain Island coast. Important events including the Rolex Fastnet Race, including both this line sail point.
After nearly two centuries, the Royal Regatta boat fleet is still the main, the ideal and its sailing tradition uphold respect for, called the people to follow by example. In recognition since 1983 contained more than 30 year of establishment of the special relationship, the celebration will contribute Rolex Royal Fleet boats a special gift – a unique clock, it is not just timekeeping device, it provides information on the state of the tide and pressure Details Information: The participating officers and crew as important information.
2015 Rolex Fastnet Race: extraordinary outlook
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
Entry List 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race in enrollment within 24 minutes after the start, that is the end of the full report (in 2013 it took 24 hours to complete). Rowing from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States. More than a third of the ships from countries outside the UK, proof of the international prestige and glamor of the event.
Entry List notice of competition remains to be seen, maxi multi-hull vessel Spindrift number return to the battlefield, trying to create a multi-hull vessel sailing record. 100 feet of Comanche (USA) in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race debut, poor step to the finish line to win the championship, and this time it ready before the race record holder challenge the latest models by Leopard 3 and Rambler to seek to end Stubbs was the first prize monohull. ‧ he Rambler’s owner George David (George David) experienced offshore regatta of ups and downs, in 2007, when he was driving the boat near the Fastnet rock leading Leopard on the 3rd larger, but in return stage It is exceeded, and ultimately to get all the second. In the 2011 tournament, it Rambler No. 100 to maintain the leading case rowing, speedboats but bypassing the Fastnet rock at just after losing the keel, David and his four crew spent two in the sea and a half hours was rescued.
Following the June Chi baby Leah Rolex Cup (Giraglia Rolex Cup) Regatta, the Rolex Fastnet Race will be the 2015 calendar of the Rolex regattas second European heavyweight tournament. Followed was a series of other prestigious competitions, including September’s Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup race (Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup), October 40 labor Shifa Er World Championship (Rolex Farr 40 World Championship), and in December of Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.
2013 at the 45th Rolex Fastnet Race contending: Occupational racers and amateurs; some of the world’s fastest, most technologically advanced sailing; equipped family sailing team of 30 feet; from Australia, Oman and the United States all the way Participants come. 336 sailing teams record demonstrates the scale and diversity of the event.
A major feature of the tournament was a breeze sailing vessels leading no chance a repeat of 2011’s record-breaking speed. In the championship race, the vagaries of the climate favorable to small sailboat, therefore, more likely to be born from the most amazing saga.
Previously, there has never been a double combination to get the Rolex Fastnet Race, or other well-known 600 sea miles sailing champion, said event includes fully manned (fully crewed) rowing. French father and son Pascal & Alexis ‧ Luwa Song (Pascal & Alexis Loison) Driving Night and Day No. [vessel name inspired by the American composer Cole Porter • (Cole Porter) songs “Night and Day” (Night and Day)], they were holding on to win the championship classification ambitions arrival departure point, eventually carrying the Rolex Fastnet Challenge Cup and a Rolex timepiece to the world’s largest offshore regatta championship posture return home. Emotionally Pascal said: “If you participate in the offshore regatta, get the Rolex Fastnet Race crown was undoubtedly the pinnacle of success, which is fantastic, totally unexpected, I do not know how to describe it. “
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
Lu Wasong son decisively proves the point that history is legendary Regatta attracted by the many small boats and amateur competitors, far just to “make up” from. Regatta symbol reflects the efforts and commitment to the spirit, so the crew would seize the opportunity to play up triumph. CEO Eddie Royal Yacht Race will ‧ ‧ Walden Owen (Eddie Warden Owen) said: “Any person has the opportunity Championship is the most important, everyone thought occupational class large boat dominant. However, 2013 In the event fully proved the Rolex Fastnet Race charm, they gather together here, because they know they have a chance of winning. “
Temporary Events Calendar
Thursday, August 13,
Press Conference
Saturday, August 15
Weather and master briefing, Cowes marinas Activity Center (Cowes Yacht Haven Events Centre), BST (British Summer Time) 16:00
Sunday, August 16
Start of the race, Cowes Harbour Isle of Wight (Cowes, Isle of Wight)
Race warning signal BST (British Summer Time) 11:50
Tuesday, August 18
About time monohull record: 06.49 BST (British Summer Time) (to 12.00 BST start time)
Friday, August 21
The final award ceremony, Plymouth, (British Summer Time) 17:00 BST
Currently monohull race record: 42 hours and 39 minutes, from the United Arab Emirates in 2011 by the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Volvo 70 fleet created rowing
Rolex Fastnet Race Sailing Tour
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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

If you ask any serious watch collectors, Which is the most difficult to get the replica watches, the most highly sought after, I believe you will always see you mention Di — take steel section steel Rolex replica  Cosmograph Daytona. Watch models are now available for sale 116520, which enjoys divine status, with many followers of the cult-like, in the world there is no other watch can be compared. Daytona watch a variety of material options, but stainless steel models (including white dial and black dial two versions) are especially prized collector. Each year the steel Rolex Dealer Daytona models are very limited quota, waiting list is always a long list.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

116520 There are two versions – white dial and black dial. Rolex does not publish the number of production, reportedly Daytona Rolex output ranked the top few in cash, and in my opinion it can only be said Mindy Daytona popularity high, high yield and also so difficult to obtain. In my personal preference, I prefer the black dial version. This is because the classic Rolex watches are mostly black dial, such as Blackwater ghost.
Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Daytona is named after the famous Daytona International Speedway, 1962, Daytona Continental Race “(Daytona Continental) officially held motorsport become a very important tournament, the tournament champion trophy in addition to outside, You can also win a Rolex replica watches uk. In 1963, Rolex introduced specifically for the new generation of racers Chronograph – Cosmograph (Cosmograph) watch came naturally became the Daytona race winners prize, and further deepen the Rolex and motor sports The closely. Soon after, in order to emphasize the relationship between Rolex and commemorate this famous track, Rolex watches this particular named – Cosmograph Daytona.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

116520 Rolex launched in 2000 a new generation of Daytona watch, the key is to use the 4130 Rolex chronograph movement developed its own, to replace the previous Zenith chronograph movement Daytona 16520.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Like other watches Rolex Oyster Professional series, like cosmic timing Daytona 116520 it is designed to be a rugged watch features. Specifically, as the chronograph, Daytona can calculate the running time and average speed by tachometer scale on the bezel of the dial. Given Daytona actively participate in sports events, Daytona can tolerate brutal sport competition. 40mm Oyster case and crown three-button combination lock, so Daytona water resistance up to 100 meters (about 333 feet). Chronograph button is screw-locked to ensure water resistance. Daytona still maintaining the old tradition chronograph, no calendar display.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

I can not help but admire the beauty of Daytona: sapphire crystal microscope pure black dial with gold hands and markers, providing excellent readability. Platinum also when superscript and hands painted luminous wide offer low-light visibility. Polished bezel, case and also increase the quality of the central part of Daytona’s interesting. Despite the highly polished, tachometer scale on the bezel it is still fairly easy to read, even in direct sunlight conditions.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Daytona table lists buckle particularly interesting, like Rolex Oyster case, well-designed Rolex Oyster bracelet and flip-lock safety clasp which for decades has affected the design of the watch. However, the previous section and thin hollow bracelet clasp have been criticized. The good news is that those two issues Rolex select correct long been criticized. First, in the Daytona central link bracelet, it is now completely solid solid. Rolex Yachtmaster yacht is the first application and solid bracelet fake watches section. Daytona bracelet is also equipped with a newly designed clasp, replacing the original kind of thin steel stamping sheet-shaped clasp. Instead, a higher quality of folding clasp, using thick polished steel material (in look and feel).

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520
rolex replica watches
From the perspective of replica watches, the Rolex Daytona is the most exciting self-produced movement within the polished case. Rolex 4130 movement debuted in 2000, replacing the previous movement Daytona 4030 — This is based Zenith El Primero 400 movement improvements made. With the 4130 release of the movement, the Rolex watch company ranks among the few self-produced movement. Like other high-end chronograph movement, like the 4130 movement with column-wheel structure to control the timing function is activated. More cattle breaking Rolex uses an innovative vertical clutch system. This particular design feature is obvious, when chronograph hand starts, the chronograph second hand showing a smooth start, instead of a traditional horizontal clutch mechanism that kind fibrillation (but not the level of the clutch looks pretty dazzling). It also reflects the spirit of Rolex — always accurate without any flaws meter pursuit, beautiful down in the second.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

4130 Movement has 44 stones, vibration frequency of 28,800bph, 72-hour power reserve, the total number of parts for the 201 (as compared to the previous generation of 4030, more than half of the number of parts to power only 45 hours), this figure is lower than any Other modern chronograph movement. Too many other stores chronograph movement has a lot of components and sophisticated design, its brand is actually still proud. Rolex philosophy of less is more, fewer parts means less maintenance and more powerful and stable operation (total conventional clutch mechanism need to adjust the level where there are 4, 5, and vertical clutch 4130 only a place where you can adjust).

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ — Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

Rolex 4130 movement, the first time in the self-winding mechanism with ceramic ball bearings; although the chain looks the same root movement in the past, but the use of ceramic ball bearing rotor spins mean better efficiency and lower maintenance. Free sprung balance wheel through the inside of the fine adjustment screw, using the Rolex KIF shock absorption. Rolex fake watches Patent “Parachrom Bleu” gossamer, has a unique anti-magnetic and high temperature performance.

Compared to other premium brands chronograph movement, Rolex Daytona movement of 4130 can be said to be a lack of visual complexity and fine sanding pattern. However, it is the Rolex replica insists minimalist design embodies practicality, the last ten years, it has firmly established a reputation hehe best chronograph movement one.

Lao family myth ‘steel Di’ —  Rolex Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520

In summary, we can only have one conclusion: Rolex replica watches Cosmograph Daytona steel section 116520 is the best ever produced Rolex watches, with superior features, but also has very high collection value, timeless ʱ?? Price € 10,350 euros now, you do not Xiangui, 10 million chronograph, you also see Which is vertical clutch? ʱ?? ʱ??

rolex replica watches

Rolex Cellini new series officially listed in China

In 2014, the brand leader in the world of Rolex replica watches together again internationally renowned Salzburg Festival in Austria (Salzburg Festival), to support this effort with nearly a century of history of high level musical feast . Moreover, to underline the unique importance of the Salzburg Festival and the Rolex more December 9 presents “Night Salzburg Festival” in honor of The Peninsula Shanghai, invited to Salzburg Chairman of the Section Haier • Arc • Dr. Stadler (Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler) together to join the festivities and had a great shock Exclusively musical performances. At the same time, Rolex is pleased to announce 2014 Basel Watch and Jewellery Fair Cellini launch of the new series has been listed in China.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini replica watches celebrate Listed
rolex replica watches
In 2012, Rolex and popular Salzburg Festival expanded partnership. Defending the pursuit of the perfect model of faith and mission coincide Salzburg Festival Rolex. Since then, the two sides together to help artists of excellence and to promote and popularize the music in the world. The Salzburg Festival’s success is that it is nearly a century of relentless pursuit of high art, bringing a high quality performance is the direction of their lives. In 2015, the Salzburg Festival will enter the 95th with the President, the leadership of Dr. Haier • • rainbow Stadler, next year will be the classical music of a single event.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex fake Cellini celebrate Listed

The highlight of the day of the dinner to release the Salzburg Festival performance Exclusively wonderful – famous Russian singer Dar Al Aboud Raza • Quebrada (Ildar Abdrazakov) to join the Italian pianist Alessandro • Mr. Arthur dense Saipan (Allesandro Misciasi) M. jointly offer four performances of song, performance art enthusiasm and meticulous professional attitude, but also gives the audience an immersive experience the unique charm of the atmosphere Salzburg Festival.

To meet the Night Salzburg Festival classical themes, and also to celebrate the launch of Basel Jewellery and Watch Fair 2014 Rolex Cellini new series officially listed in China. The series consists of 12 classic watches, each section are defined expertise and sophisticated technology in a full of Rolex watchmaking tradition at significant. Simple and elegant lines, noble materials and refined modified luxury magnificent, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Classic Rolex CELLINI

Cellini Rolex replica china  presents the new series, to highlight the contemporary spirit of the classic and timeless style traditional watchmaking elegance. The new series consists of 12 classic watches, each section are defined expertise and sophisticated technology in a full of Rolex watchmaking tradition at significant. With simple and elegant lines, noble materials and beautiful, and refined luxury grooming, all the details are in line with the law of watchmaking. However, this new series of watches are not only limited to the old design. This is highly respected in the Italian Renaissance artist, goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini inspired Holy See appointed Rolex Cellini series, firstly the classical roots of performance, on the other hand with modern techniques to re-interpretation the essence of their perfect harmony. These Rolex door watchmaking tradition, recalls the contemporary monumental architecture, proportions layout and simple lines and clever with the modern space and lighting. New Cellini look away from traditional constraints of time completely transformed into a guardian, it is a luxury style of the symbol, truly reflects the art of living (lifestyle) of extraordinary value.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

The new interpretation of traditional watchmaking Cellini series the most sophisticated charm, absolutely elegant. Case manufactured by Rolex exclusive foundry, 18K white gold or rose gold styles to choose eternal. 39 mm diameter conventional circular design is the logo of the traditional brand, while the shape of the hull of the delicate ear, polite modifications, and with arched outer ring and the outer ring of the triangular grooves dual outer ring, so watch more distinctive. Rolex triangle symbolizing grooves screwed, and the back is as old circular arch design. Screw-down crown flared emphasize the Cellini series of exquisite aesthetics.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Another dial also cited knowledge and watchmaking tradition of the brand. Each dial has been modified by painting or decorated with “flame radiates the glory” classic black or silver radiation pattern and gold outfit perspective hour mark. According to the dial layout function of the watch, any the series can be divided into three broad categories Cellini. Time Cellini is a classic example of watchmaking, when provided, minutes and seconds display, while Cellini date is vice dial pointer by adding a calendar function, both real China . Finally, Cellini Dual Time can display two time zones, and the sub-assembly of the second time zone dial elegant window sun and the indication of the moon and the night.

All new Cellini watches are extremely precise mechanical self-winding movement configuration, all have been certified by the Observatory watches Rolex manufacturing. To represent the purest traditional style and look with shiny black or brown strap in alligator, sewing trim and 18K gold buckle, thanks precisely demonstrate courteous.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Rolex and Art
rolex replica china
Rolex is proud to be the best art events, artists, art projects and an important driving force behind the activity.

Early 20th century, in the era of the popular pocket watch, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf • (Hans Wilsdorf) successfully achieve their dreams, create a set of precise and elegant as one of the watch. Since then, the Swiss watch industry as a leading brand Rolex has always encouraged individual excellence success. Over the years, Rolex continues to develop brands and products, the pursuit of perfection. Because only the highest quality materials, by the best designers, Rolex replica china has become the symbol of elegant, noble and of high quality.

Keeping the tradition of the brand, advance the value of the brand, Rolex supporting a number of carefully selected artists and artistic activities, and actively help artists of excellence.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Brands like Rolex seek his passionate pursuit of precision and performance partners. Thus, Rolex and the arts can be described as a matter of course are attached. Rolex and cooperative arts dating from 1970. At the time, New Zealand soprano • • Li Ji Kana Lady Di Eva (Dame Kiri Te Kanawa) opened a Rolex long-term cooperation and the arts.

Over the years, Rolex has been extended to support the arts in the fields of many exceptional artists. In the field of vocal music, including spokesman Rolex has over 30 years of partnership with the famous brand Spanish tenor Placido Domingo • (Plácido Domingo), the Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli • (Cecilia Bartoli) German tenor Jonas Kaufmann • (Jonas Kaufmann) and low British baritone Terfel • Brian (Bryn Terfel).

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

Cooperation with famous classical musicians Rolex talented young pianist Yuja Wang (Yuja Wang). In addition, Rolex with Venezuela Gustavo Dudamel conductor • (Gustavo Dudamel) to establish a close cooperative relationship. As the major orchestras of the world recognized by Dudamel as music director of the Philharmonic Orchestra Los Angeles (Los Angeles Philharmonic) was also sponsored by Rolex.

In the field of contemporary music, Rolex and many well-known pop artist maintained a stable and cooperative relations, including Canadian jazz singer Diana Grammy crane • children (Diana Krall) and Mike • Bray (Michael Bublé), India sitar virtuoso and composer Arnold ska • Shankar (Anoushka Shankar), and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem • (Sylvie Guillem).

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

In addition to supporting artists, Rolex also understands the importance of establishing partnerships with leading arts organizations, like the intoxicating Scala (Teatro alla Scala), the historic Royal Opera House of London (Royal Opera House) the famous New York Metropolitan Opera in the world (Metropolitan Opera). Meanwhile, the full support of the People’s Rolex

Salzburg Festival (Salzburg Festival) and the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Vienna Philharmonic). Now the Rolex arts support was extended to Asia, and China National Grand Theatre (National Centre for the Performing Arts) special monitoring.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini celebrate Listed

At the same time, Rolex fake watches also through some sponsorship to help young artists to realize their full-fledged artistic potential, as indicated by Mr. Placido Domingo more • founded the annual World Opera Vocal Competition Operalia and Rolex PROTÉGÉHIDE (Program Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative), the project aims to explore the world of talented young artists so that they and the masters for a year of cooperation, and at the same time to accept one of the tips.

Recently, the partnership with classical music online video leader Rolex brand. Through this unique platform, music lovers can still feel the charm of the famous concert stage. Even cooperative relations, Rolex has established with the European news station (Euronews) called Musica music program, the program takes viewers into the world of music and dance. Rolex partner for all opera fans also includes open and comprehensive online library Operaonline opera. These are part of the support program for Rolex arts, it aims to make the public is exposed to high-quality classical music concerts, festivals, opera and musicians around the world to promote and popularize the music.

Salzburg Festival Night Rolex Cellini fake watches celebrate Listed

Adhering to the founder of the brand, the spirit of Mr Wilsdorf, Rolex is still active in the arts, and to make every effort to support those who share common values ​​and brand, the relentless pursuit of perfection and Excellence talent and outstanding institutions. This support will benefit the heritage artistic heritage, and make a unique culture worldwide and sustainable outstanding contributions.

rolex replica

Rolex Replica Blackwater ghost New Information

Rolex replica watches is the man with the black ghosts, the privileged status symbol, this watch not only looks beautiful, but also increased three anti-function, be it dust, water, or shock can support.

Blackwater ghosts Rolex replica watches
Blackwater ghost Rolex (Rolex – Mechanical Series watches Submariner 116610LN) with screw bezel, is hard ceramic construction, with a strong anti-corrosion feeling. Shaped reinforced external friction gear. Latest 904L stainless steel case with strap 40MM classic black dial and quiet. Snake Eyes pointer needle in the Mercedes, time scale has 11 bright white coating. Through the transparent sapphire crystal clearly see the time. It has the classic Rolex crown LOGO screw-in, dense bottom of the return table to enhance its water resistance.

It has strengthened its waterproof
Ghost Blackwater case Rolex replica watches Oyster reinforced three characteristics of the defense, either dust, water, or can withstand shock, but everyone can not open the case, to open this oyster shell Newton is 5 / M torque can. Such a case can effectively protect the movement and ensure the precise degree, enough to trust. To protect the movement of water with dust of the offense, the crown is used TRIPLOCK winding crown. After tightening can make fully waterproof watch case Oyster like a submarine, like sealing doors. Unidirectional rotating outer ring, allowing precise divers diving record time, only unidirectional rotation to avoid false Count Sheung time with a margin of oxygen. Waterproof effect 300M protection oyster shell is a favorite outdoor sports. Calendar instantaneous jump Rolex and window blister personalized schedule can clearly see the date. Functionally the same as other diving fake rolex watch, but resistance to pressure is that no one can compare up if it is waterproof case for support, or solid materials are so different from other Kelpie dive tables .
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Phantom Blackwater using movement 3135
Blackwater ghost Rolex COSC adopted after the 3135 movement, talks about the 3135 movement, which, in terms of special significance for Rolex, launched in 1988, known as the king of the Rolex movement. This title does not come out of thin air, Rolex replica movement and not much success, the main achievements in that certain parties. The 3135 Rolex movement is one of the few self-produced, and still in use today, no big changes in maintaining the original flavor. Overall, the 3135 movement Rolex is proud of one of the movement of the car, stable performance, anti-magnetic anti-collision capability, Rolex applied more one movement.
Blackwater genuine Rolex ghost discriminant analysis
Blackwater imitation ghost style Rolex watch market in all of the most popular, as far as I know, the Guangzhou market counterfeit Rolex least more than 100 companies, some of which are still two or three people to do a joint venture on the model of the hull, scale There is a small, but to emphasize this side of Rolex is very popular in the market making. So how can distinguish genuine and fake Rolex special point of it? How can actually buy the arrival of the true value of fine imitation of the table and will not be deceived, this chapter will make a detailed comparative analysis with the selection of the representative of several Rolex. The faithful may be able to put on the table a little help in the future to buy a table.
Rolex ghost Blackwater details of the comparison:

Luminous Contrast
Rolex ghost comparison Blackwater true and false – light contrast
You can really see the difference between the table and leave the table by comparing light. Both can be seen that the difference is not very bright, but the details are very in place. Blackwater is really nothing compared to the brightness of the ghost. He was able to identify a say seriously.

Calendar window
Rolex replica watches Blackwater ghost true and false comparison – Calendar window
Through the above analysis, we can see that the calendar window, Phantom Black true form of the calendar window plated blue film treatment process, which reflects the true shape of excellence to every detail. And leave the table often overlook this detail, the two leave the table to the right of it is obvious that there is no blue film plating. If you do not know may have the side-view shows you can see at a glance true and false.

Compare Head
Rolex Blackwater ghost true and false comparison – Comparison of the head
Head axis is adjusted to the time and date, details of the work that is the biggest test of the level of technology. Rolex Blackwater true form only ghost gear profound sculpture, shiny, smooth and full. And leave the table and leave the table in order to reduce costs, open casting will not be so in initial capital, usually find an existing module to the secondary replica and casting mold. Over time, your head will disappear more professional sense, it has become increasingly fierce bear, discerning in general be able to see immediately true and false.

Ceramic ring spot
Rolex Blackwater ghost true and false comparison – ceramic ring spot
Ceramic ring spot is one of the easiest to identify a place where we most easily overlooked. Blackwater ghosts Rolex actual details of this near-perfect process, bright spots are impartial is just down the exact center of the triangle. And leave the table generally will not mind making wide, can be almost impossible. Let the table to the right of a light spot is too large inverted triangle directly outside of the region, is just not a bright spot in the inverted triangle in the center. True or false, one can see.
Nigga replica watches china price? Blackwater ghost table specific achievements
Extreme Rolex replica watches uk  (Rolex), excellent quality, superb technology, combines the noble, elegant and unique qualities in one, rated world leader in the watch industry, known as “precision” synonymous. Rolex now annual output of up to 800,000, respected by all walks of life throughout the world, one of the deepest of all ages collectors. Some people like accurate, some people appreciate its elegance, loved his robust, his valuable collection once owned by different eyes stare proud. Rolex Submariner 116610LN ghost known as Blackwater is the classic diving fake watches, this watch now witnessing elegance with the small series of sight now!

Series Rolex Submariner 116610LN ROLEX- (black) shows male
Rolex ghost Blackwater Price: 57.990 yen
Case continued the Rolex Submariner watches classic elements, simple large dial black, Size: 40mm, metal 904L stainless steel link strap three rows. And Rolex are proud to use a Swiss movement replica watches 3135 to ensure stable performance, accurate travel time.

Rolex ghost Blackwater
oyster shell on it the perfect show, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, features luminous scale, Rolex sweep the classic Mercedes-Benz also has a luminous function that allows you to turn dark places can clearly read the time . Three cases of defense, let him feel the external stimuli, and ensure that the movement of the operating environment.
Folding clasp using security, and closed lower hull, shows all of nature itself, leaving no trace of the gap, the interpretation of Rolex precision manufacturing process.
Watch provides a central hour, minute and second; instantaneous jump calendar, quickly corrected; second pause function to precisely adjust the time function and 300m replica water depth.

Rolex Blackwater ghost view details
Read Chromalight light display materials with a long-term blue light, the light intensity is more stable in the complete dive, and maintain more than eight hours. Powerful mix of the appearance of the texture, let the wrist wiped Blue Heart contribution, accompanied by a beautiful ocean infinite charm has conquered the world!
Blackwater ghost Rolex or in waterproof, shockproof, dustproof are ahead, which is loved by everyone that one of the reasons. Friends who love the table shows black ghost is your good choice.