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Patek Philippe is the big rolex president replica watches  brother of the four famous and long topped the list, at the auction house, the old table stores all performed well in the world, it has its loyal supporters.
The early 1980s, it’s a calendar with chronograph function table for just over ten thousand US dollars, no one expected that years later would rise to more than thousands of dollars.
The brand is not only a simple gold watch can easily enter the best auction houses, even ordinary steel table can be relegated, bidding auction.
It is owned by the Stern family, the family of companies, sales is also distinctive in the world, featured a full-time exclusive agents, the uniform price established by record archives, and founded his own magazine, trying to cultivate a sense of pride customer .
1593 Patek Philippe </a> annual production nearly exclusively.
<Span style = “font-size: large;”> Vacheron </ span>
683 Vacheron Constantin </a> is a real old company, with a “real”  rolex replica word because it has never been interrupted since 1755 to establish, with the most complete history, the company’s brand image as a well-groomed, well-off family property old gentleman, subtle and slightly moderation.
Our products are not more prominent series, but the development is very uniform.
It is one of the few still retains painted enamel watch company, and so far, Guinness World Records included in the table is still the most expensive Vacheron Constantin’s “Cary Costa” diamond table that once 500 I wan dollar-denominated sale, alerted the altar table.
Another magic company is headquartered in the bottom center of Geneva, there is a special museum collection of treasures of each period, free and open to the public, where many tourists enjoy beautifully appointed after ghosts and extraordinary force, and soon became the company’s customer.
At the same collection of treasures often with global promotional activities and traveling exhibition, and the dispersion of customers around the world we have the opportunity to come together to share the care from the company’s pride wells up.
Vacheron Constantin gall annual output of about 20,000.
<Span style = “font-size: large;”> Audemars Piguet </ span>
2372 aligncenter “title =” Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “alt =” Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 2014/01/7221602314435 “/>
Audemars Piguet brand image in the four youngest, and therefore more famous.
Its product range is very wide, from the set of three asked, rolex replica watches calendar, stopwatch in a “triple incisive form”, to the most simple two-pin quartz watch everything, and the proportion of diamond jewelry treasure gas table considerably.
The brand is best known for a 1972 design exterior design production of rough cast-steel sports watch –2088 Royal Oak </a> series table.
It changed costly conservative, traditional image, popular youth become the company’s flagship product, replica watches uk production will soon reach more than half of the total.
Audemars Piguet in the collection industry’s performance slightly inferior to the first two, but often come forward to sponsoring organizations horse racing, golf, chess and other more aristocratic sport, a high reputation in a particular population.
Audemars Piguet’s annual output of nearly 30,000.
More than four watch brands can not shake the leading position in the watch industry, in addition, one of the few brands have considerable prestige in the collectors.
Schaffhausen International Watch Company (IWC) and Lange watches are mechanical rolex replica  power known for complex functions, which previously were known as “Da Vinci” is the most famous calendar table, it can be adjusted with only one crown All functions, but also with digital display window years, no rival in this field.
IWC also manufactures women’s stopwatch that advocates mechanical female watch fans Falls.
Lange is a revival only ten years old brand, because I insisted on a simple circular enclosure installed with the most complex and unique movement and won the praise of collectors.
However, because only a very small family predecessor company, handed down the old table is not much, and the interruption for many years, so the lack of support for antique table market, the appreciation remains to be seen.
Earl and Chopin are mainly in the production of jewelry table, count only gold, platinum as the case of raw materials, and are designed for each series matching rings, earrings, bracelets, cuff links and other jewelry accessories, so that people matching watches there are some three asked, calendar and other fine, there are several companies homegrown movement, are no pushovers.
Chopin’s most famous of the female form, and turn to the Happy Diamonds often make ladies linger, in fact, it’s also an excellent quality men’s table in 1996, there are an eccentric self-winding LUC movement introduced, so many collectors attention.

rolex sky dweller replica swiss movement

According Witschi rolex sky dweller replica swiss movement electronic analyzer measurement error between the position of the maximum value of all six seconds.
This result is not very satisfactory.
The average error is 1.8 seconds per day.
Reducing the value of the amplitude of the horizontal position (dial up and down) between the vertical position also too high.
But overall, running the test results are still within the normal range.
5 ~ 110,000 yuan for Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie) series has reached a new high for the price.
But compared to the anti-scratch ceramic bezel.
Independent manufacture of springs, and many other improvements.
And a tooth from the outer spine to carefully polished screws, high-quality detail is still good value for money.
In addition, high-end Rolex brand image and conservative strategy also ensures the preservation of this watch unique outlook.
From the Canadian side view.
Longer delivery also makes this Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie) becomes more valuable.
With Submariner Date (Rolex Kelpie), you have the rolex sky dweller replica perfect partner for one to be able to wear in any occasion.
Overall, this work has no obvious deficiencies.
Date magnifier alone will bring some inconvenience, the value of the test results is still running room for improvement.
The superb technology, superior wearing comfort and an ideal read the fine resolution that gave people the impression of a deep impression.
In diving watch.
Submariner (Kelpie) dominance is still no shake.
Swiss watchmaking is recognized kingdom.
In Switzerland, the annual  rolex sky dweller replica fake omega tables show, there will always German table, whether the Geneva SIHH, Geneva or Basel BASELWORLD or WPHH.
At the Geneva SIHH, we are fortunate approached Lange (A.LANGE).
Let us love public relations director and 2389 Lange </a> how to present their views on the movement because of Mr. Huo.
Q: The same as the first town Grasu born Lange different from what other features German table?
A: You know, two of our town and Lange watch factory –GO actually represents the center of the German watch industry.
We still insist on the use of 3/4 plywood design, and our plywood sculpture is iconic.
We even have the balance cock  rolex submariner replica engraved.
We insist on the use of gold sleeve, because it is a beauty, a rare beauty.
About 3/4 plywood and German silver, they may not be the most robust, but it is the most stable.
Lange screws on the table are the work of the screws, because after our table assembled to conduct testing and adjustment, and after the completion of these adjustments need to re-assemble.
So, screw on the table must meet the needs of such repeated testing.
At the same time, including a modified screw, including all the parts are the highest level.
Q: Lange table must adhere to, such as gooseneck tuning and other production practices it?
A: Of course! This is the secret of our success.
Luxury watches, mechanical watches in particular, rolex submariner replica swiss movement must abide by their value.
The same is true throughout the high watchmaking.
If the timing discuss technical issues, and that we should not watch the recycling machinery.
Mechanical watches have their own values.
We can not ignore the people’s passion for mechanical beauty.


These Replicas Watches Everywhere – All classic Replica Watches China

Because more than ten watches almost extinct in the market classic Replica Watches China, where prices are marked with reference to the time the ex-factory or auction, if into the market, has been unable to estimate the value.
Most unsatisfactory aspects of the Internet is a large number of copies out there posing as authentic watch.
These replicas everywhere, and professional website links, to provide the best discount, or participate in Internet auctions.
You must remember the old adage: “If something looks too good to be like a true, then it probably is not really true.
Not everyone wants to bully you edited, I just draw your attention to a few people.
Others the concept of “excellent product phase,” and you may not like classic Replica Watches, some people may be more willing to accept the “wear and old” than you.
Therefore, in order to avoid buying a replica, determine what you want to buy this product with acceptable if the watch is genuine, there are several issues must be confirmed before payment is clear through online consultation.
Sent to all sub-edited two words
First, even though many people say this is not a replica but the real thing classic Replica Watches China, not necessarily the case, ask the seller guarantee issued watches are genuine.
Second, how do they get the watch.
Third, they have the original receipt of the watch? (If they do not, it does not mean that the watch is a replica.
But if he does have the original receipt or instrument, will help to enhance the confidence you buy it).
Fourth, when you can go watch it? Seems like an obvious answer.
If your question has a written reply, but when they can not go Replica Watches when you receive the watch, you can return it to the seller.
Fifth, how long they have watches? They recently purchased or inherited? If the collector to sell part of their collections, their possession of the watch longer, the more they make you believe how accurate description of this watch.
A person engaged in the collection of the longer, the more his eyes to get the experience, knowledge will (hopefully) become more and more abundant.
Sixth, what is marked on the watch? Some 2020 Case </a> marks or marks that will help you determine the movement of the watch is not entirely original, whether the movement had been replaced, and even might give you more information about the aspects of watchmaking era .
Seven, did they watch the warranty? If so, when? What warranty do?
Eight, ask for partial close-up photo of the watch, such as the back, dial close-up map, perhaps, to write a strap photo is a good idea.
Scammers usual practice is to download pictures to sell fake or cheat your money that you do not send anything back from someone else’s website.
If you require additional photos, but they can not ask you to provide you with photos Replica Watches China, and soon, everything becomes obvious – they do not watch.
Nine, if you do not match the description of the physical and the watch, what their return policy? Remember: Never buy a watch that no right of return.
Ten, if possible, use a credit card Branch.

Are Fake Rolex watches now made in China?

After the fire,Fake Rolex watches or the movie will bring a lot of the drama of each topic, often these topics will be some businesses (also known as speculators) borrowed for the potential for their products, such as the following figure occasion to let the watch business side own merchandise fire.
2202 YASHA SOCIALIST automatic mechanical watch men watch
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This YASHA SOCIALIST automatic Are Fake Rolex watches now made in China?  mechanical watches for men since the play began broadcasting sales soaring, of course, thanks to “Let’s get married,” the hit drama, while the price of this watch also played a decisive role.
& Nbsp;
in this industry in a long time, and always encounter people of all ages in various industries and asked what to buy 2178 brand watches bette
The problem for those who understand the watch is very simple, if you know the industry is also opposed to knowledge, then you must have your own opinion, will have their favorite watches the.
Then this article is mainly addressed to those who buy a table for the first time, for those who do not understand the look of the watch.
>Today the major aspects of the industry to explain the choice of brand watches
You can choose to purchase electronics, electronic form of benefit is Rolex watches cheap, punctual, and more durable.
The electronic table is divided into two kinds of LCD Analog and digital quartz, of course, LCD digital quartz pointer and two mixed.
From the kinetic energy of the quartz watch and classification can be divided into light energy table.
If you choose to select the range of solar-powered watch that can be very small,Fake Rolex made in China light energy meter is a new technology, there is a real good brand of Japan’s three major brands of watches (Seiko, Casio, Citizen) three are good, but it seems Casio more fire in the country.
Pointer to buy, then buy more than the price of 1000 is recommended to buy Swiss watches, 1000 following could choose not to pay attention to the brand, as long as good-looking on the line, do not buy the premise that imitation goods.
It is best to choose an electronic form, the reason is very simple and cheap and practical, but do not choose LCD digital, wearing a figure giving a sense of immaturity and rigorous.
We must choose on some little-known brands such as (Seiko, Citizen, Haiou, King …Rolex replica….) Select the best Chinese brands, Chinese brand advertising will be competing to do good, visibility is relatively high, so that potentially can improve the grade point .
choose to work a few years later
These people generally have some savings hands and faces of the people more widely, and this time more focused on brand awareness and taste.
Brand which contains the brand culture, brand history, brand positioning and representatives watches and so on.
The quartz watch will actually 70 years before the beginning of the epidemic, the brand culture and history of the brand on a lot worse, but the beginning of the quartz watch is practical to compete for the market, at this age is not very practical to give a taste to be than mechanical watches a poor level of feeling.
Such people are the best choice from Tissot, Mido, Longines, Seiko, Haiou … and other brands, which of the following best selection of Seiko 1500 yuan and Shanghai Oasis.
Table selection of civil servants to the most prudent.
Those luxury brand is best not to choose, even if others do not wear a luxury watch to send out, or in this era of information disclosure will bring you a lot of trouble.
Luxury positioning is 1W yuan for the line.
Civil service selection table depends on what form of leadership may be worn Rolex replica Watches, grade level than some leading to the end of your regular contact.
The three main recommendation table selected from Tissot, Mido, Longines.


Rolex Air-King Automatic with Silver Dial S/S-Sapphire Glass – Replica Rolex Watches

Three repeater is a new Rolex Air-King Automatic with Silver Dial S/S-Sapphire Glass design, with the traditional three-question form design is completely different, although more difficult on the repairs, but in the three asked functions such as no condition occurs, you can remove the package, do not have to break down, eliminating a lot of trouble, then it is easy combination than the traditional three-question form.
The traditional three repeater structure has been tested more than 200 years of his life, proved to work fine as long as the movement of high-quality, very reliable.
The new design, as long as no conditions occur, do not have to disassemble inspection, the entire group to remove, replace, compared to the traditional three-question form easier maintenance.
But if there are conditions, big trouble, the traditional three-question form part wear, spring break, and as long as the hand-copy the same parts to solve the problem.
Clockwork broken, it is very easy to find sizes, specifications same clockwork.
The new structure is put on the entire set of standard movement, so the whole table is much thicker than the conventional structure, in order to make the entire table only thinner, and therefore its components are very fine, if the part is damaged, it is difficult to manually copy, best way to get the original replacement.
The new design is the new generation of watch experts crystallization effort is a technical challenge, it is the duty of achievement was in the affirmative, whether beyond the traditional, to replace the traditional, or rather traditional, let the time come when the magistrate good a.
Structure chronograph, based on the best-selling chronograph Rolex Air-King Automatic stable core is based substantially modified, especially two seconds after needle portion thereof and an additional two cylindrical pin rectangular ruby ​​ruby ​​is its unique design, its Tourbillon is a must.
Tourbillon 1868 was part of   Rolex Air-King Automatic with Silver Dial S/S-Sapphire Glass this freedom or flying tourbillon Tourbillon structure, it Breguet Breguet Tourbillon biggest difference is that the elimination of the tourbillon bridge plate assembly into the bottom of the fixed component Tourbillon it with Azusa to the center axis of the balance wheel, the same as a 360-degree rotation, in the end What is the secret? Why do I say it is a must? It is the same size as the original Tourbillon Tourbillon lightest components, total weight not more than 0.3 grams of tourbillon components, making it possible to submit a high frequency vibration to move 28,800 times per hour, but also now I have taken the vibration frequency highest tourbillon.
Its tourbillon components plywood, all with titanium as the material, the use of titanium in addition to not rust outside the lightest weight and high hard drive, so the process is also more difficult; theoretically, 1043.html tourbillon components the lighter the better, because the tourbillon is one of the gear will be transferred, but it contains an amount of escapement, tourbillon orbital control the rotation speed, reducing the weight of the load, the tourbillon run more smoothly, kinetic energy required will need too, so it’s durability, shock resistance, and accuracy will be improved.

France has not been stigmatized in gold and silver as early as the 13th century.
Every goldsmith must have had their own imprint, to show that they are responsible for the fineness of the article, and later the French government requires that each union organizations must design different from other trade unions, and their own imprint, sending precious metals inspection certificate Color, branded with the mark in order to protect the interests of users.
What year it is necessary to confirm the submission by the unit test to confirm Rolex Air-King Automatic with White  where the attribution of responsibility.
Therefore developed a set of approaches to the different letters of the alphabet to make the difference, from the beginning of each year according to the order handed A change, because J, V, W, these letters do not, so I change to a different set of fonts every 23 years English alphabet, English alphabet block letters, cursive, large grass, grass and so on different shapes.
This one was brought to the British system, in order to facilitate a 20-year cycle, so the X, Y, Z has also been canceled.
According to these letters of the alphabet in different fonts, you can know which year censorship, so many years and so you can find out antique pocket watch.
How imprint on the case in a small, about the stigma of four formats: a year of submission of the letters mark; two compliant gold and silver content mark mark; three is a trademark by which company manufactured… stigma; four which city inspection mark by;. imprint over the years appeared in Europe about 3,000 kinds, there are a variety of all kinds of marks different letters and fonts and animals, flowers, figures, etc., is not listed After that we first understand and watch related mark.
18K gold and 22K gold in Europe in the mid-16th century and 18th century marked the same lion.
Later, the British began in print-on-Wye case record, but gold can not be less than 22K, Replica Rolex Watches at the time, only relief table-free printing in mind; later in 1800, 18K gold can also be credited print censorship; after about 1850, 15K, 12K, 9K can also check print tart note; rearrange 1930, apart from the crown mark (year mark), with regard to 22K (0.916), 18K (0.750), 14K (0.585), 9K (0.375) as indicated.
Britain made the case, so far still using a different font of the letters and the frame, representing different years, so the British-made pocket watch and watch, the year it is easy to find out from where the track mark.
The actual size of the K gold mark, most not more than 1 mm2, shall be more than 10 times the magnifying glass in order to see clearly.
With these larger photo of collectors is a godsend.